Emergency Dentist

When to Opt for Visiting Your Emergency Dentist

Emergency Dentist

If you are in pain or suffering from any dental injury, then it is better to look for emergency dental care according to your local circumstances. There could be various situations, where you may need to see a emergency dentist. Thus, see the following sections to know what sort of actions you may need to address difficulties related to your dental health.

  • Broken teeth:

broken teethBroken teeth are open to infection and it is something that can cause problems later and that in severe cases cause tooth loss. With immediate response to such problems, it is possible to prevent further damage. In case of extreme damage, dentists cannot save your teeth and may head for extraction. Even, in case of severe damage, it is better to remove the teeth to prevent infection and further problems from taking place.


  • Knocked-out teeth:

Knocked-out teethIf you have knocked-out tooth, you may consider placing the tooth back into the socket, which may reattach over time. However, you should ideally contact your dental walk in clinic, within couple of hours of teeth damage. Before you reach your dentist, you should store tooth in a cup of milk that keeps the teeth minerals alive and encourage quick recovery.

  • Gum diseases:

Gum diseasesSuch problem may take place due to poor oral health that allows plaque to build up along the gum line. It is necessary to treat such problems with first priority, as it may lead to the point where emergency dental care becomes necessary. Therefore, keep watch on indications of gum diseases, such as bleeding after brushing or while chewing. Such problems take place due to gum diseases.

  • Toothache:

ToothacheTooth decay is typically related to the damage that has spoilt the tooth structure. Some people find it as not a problem to address it with emergency dental treatment, until it becomes extremely painful. Emergency dentist near me can give necessary treatment, when your dental condition starts hurting you.

  • Enamel chips:

Enamel chipsIn case of such dental trauma, noting goes painful but it is obvious that anyone can notice it. Most people ignore such problem and leave enamel chips untreated. Even if you are not bothered about your appearance, it may affect your dental health later. In severe cases, as it becomes problematic to disguise the tooth damage and regain good appearance, people opt for emergency dental treatment.

  • Brocken braces:

Brocken bracesProblem with broken braces bothers when it remain attached to the teeth that have already been damaged. Wearing braces on the damaged teeth hinders the healing process and prevent teeth from being established. In this case, as braces put pressure onto the teeth, it can cause long-term injuries to the tooth roots. You are advised to use removable aligners that will no longer put pressure onto the teeth after being injured. Even, if you can take off the aligners until the time you want your teeth to be healed.

If you are suffering from any of these problems mentioned above, contact a out of hours dentist on an urgent basis. Fortunately, emergency dental clinics are available NHS 24 dentist a day and it is easier to avail treatment at a short notice. Whether it is teeth straightening or healing toothache, broken teeth enamel loss, all you could address with emergency dentistry.

Note: Do you know how to deal with dental emergency? See the PowerPoint presentation for more details.


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