Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover – It can Make Your Life Better

Smile Makeover

Smile is the most important aspect in your smile. It can improve your aesthetic appeal and also your socializing skills. However, there are other benefits of smiling that are not known to many. Here are how Wonderful Ways Smile Makeover can make your life better!

  1. It helps you live longer:

Statistical data and research studies have proven that those, who smile more, live longer, happier and more satisfied and fuller lives.

  1. It is good for your heart:

Stress has become a part of our daily lives. Stress can make your life hard and the heart perform harder with an increased blood pressure level. However, research studies have proven that those, who smile, recover from the increased heart rate and high blood pressure faster and better than those, who don’t!

  1. We learnt to smile even before being born:

Though the infants start to smile after they have been 6 weeks old, scans have proven that the babies learn to smile when they are 7 weeks in gestation. Tooth buds grow by then and it proves that babies learn to smile right in the womb of the mother.

  1. Smile make you happy:

When you feel sad or down or upset, smiling can help you lift your mood. This is a scientific fact that when you smile, you facial muscles move and the blood flow increases. This helps the brain to feel good.

  1. Smile increases your endurance of pain:

You must go for smile makeover procedures as it will help you to reduce pain or at least endure pain. The feel good chemical that is called Endorphin and helps in tolerating pain levels actually secrete more, when you smile.

  1. It makes you look younger:

Smile can lift your facial muscles and make your cheeks look rounder. Hence, when you smile it will make you look better and younger.

  1. Better romantic life:

When you or your partner has a smile on the face, it will make you both come closer. When you do not smile, it will seem as if you are holding a “do not disturb” board on your face and it will impact your romantic life.

  1. Better career and professional life:

Research studies have proven that those, who smile more, are remembered more than those, who hold a straight face. A smiling face thus can bring you better exposure, better opportunities and more success. Hence, you must go for a smile makeover at Camden dental centre in London.

  1. Better immunity:

Smiling can improve your immunity system. This is because, the body and the soul feels better when you smile. Research studies have shown, hospitalized children, who suffered from immunity problems, recovered faster and better, when then smiled and laughed more.

  1. Create a positive vibe:

As you smile, not only do you feel better, but also the people around you feel better. You can create a positive vibe and spread that around. Hence, you can always visit a smile dentist to have a beautiful smile.

If you are getting married any time soon, you must visit the Camden dentist for a wedding smile makeover, for that dazzling white smile.


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