Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene Tips for Kids

Dental Hygiene for Kids

Good dental hygiene habits must begin before the first tooth of a child comes in. It is possible to prevent the building up of bacteria by simply wiping the gum of the baby with the help of a soft damp cloth after having food. As soon as teeth start appearing, dental hygienist recommends using of a soft toothbrush twice in a day.

Fluoride toothpaste must be used once the child enters into preschool age. It is better to include pea-sized amount of toothpaste in order to prevent swallowing of the same along with building up of permanent stains on teeth.

Usage of Fluoride Tablets

Usage of Fluoride Tablets

Fluoride contributes a lot in making teeth strong by simply hardening the tooth enamel. In many cities, fluoride is added to tap water. In case a person is residing in such an area where the tap water is devoid of fluoride, then the doctor prescribes the usage of fluoride tablets regularly when the child is only about 6 months old.

Though fluoride plays an important role in case of building dental health of child, it is highly recommended not to give him more as directed in order to prevent side effects. Recent studies have revealed the fact that cavities are very much common in children. They are holes that get formed when germs into the mouth takes into usage of sugar in food to prepare acid that eats away all teeth.

By being into touch with dental hygienist NW1, one can fetch the best dental care hence preventing growth of cavities.

Risk Factors Leading towards Cavities

Risk Factors Leading towards Cavities

A child may be at a risk of cavities in case he prefers going with lots of sugary foods along with drinking lots of sweet liquids. The following risk factors may also lead a child towards the risk of becoming prey to cavities:

  • Taking birth prematurely
  • Holding low birth weight
  • Holding ongoing special health care requirements
  • Comprising white spots along with brown areas on teeth
  • Not visiting the dentist frequently

Preventing the Growth of Cavities

Preventing the Growth of Cavities

It is possible to prevent the growth of cavities by simply taking good care of teeth by each and every family member. Family members comprising lots of cavities hold high chances of passing the cavity-causing bacteria to babies and children. Some highly recognized dental hygiene tips for kids to prevent growth of cavities include:

  • Teeth must be brushed at least twice in a day. Adults must floss one in a day. The dental hygienist must be visited twice in a year as he will be showing the right way to brush teeth.
  • It is also advised to avoid sweets along with sticky food items along with between-meal snacks. Meals along with snacks must be taken at regular intervals. It is also good to limit drinks between meals. One must go with teeth-friendly snacks that include fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • As per dental hygienist in London, a baby must be never put to bed along with a bottle as it may create a condition namely bottle mouth. In such a condition, the teeth may develop cavities along with becoming discolored.
  • The child must be prevented from the habit of thumb-sucking. In case the problem persists even after 4 years of age, the dentist must be duly informed about the same. He will be rectifying defects if any.

It is advised that the parents must start taking their child to a dentist from the first date of birth. It will provide the dentist a chance to look for problems if any at the early stage. Pediatric dentists are known to specialize in treating dental health of children. Early visit will also help to establish a good habit of regular dental check-ups.


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