teeth whitening

London Dentists Recommend Essential Foods for Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening

Regular flossing along with brushing has proved to be the highly recognized protection against tooth decay along with gum disease. There are some teeth whitening foods that will help one to maintain his bright and healthy smile through whitening teeth in a natural manner.

3 Essential Foods for Teeth Whitening

The essential food items that will result in appreciable teeth whitening treatment includes the following:

  • Essential Foods for Whitening Your TeethFruits and vegetables – Fruits including strawberries and apples are known to comprise malic acid which is very much helpful for removing stains along with whitening enamel. Strawberries have also proved to be highly beneficial as they comprise of ellagitannins that help to reduce stain producing bacteria along with inflammation.Celery, pears and carrots are known to have high water content. They also promote production of saliva in order to wash away bacteria in mouth. Pears help to neutralize odor-causing bacteria that results into bad breath.Pineapple also contains bromelain, which is known for its inflammatory and cleansing properties. It will also let you enjoy a brighter smile.
  • Natural scrubbers – Foods including broccoli, nuts and seeds act as natural brush due to their abrasive texture. They scrub teeth and help to remove bacteria and plaque at the fullest. These foods must be taken in afternoons.

As they are rich in fiber and iron, they help to lower the risk of inflammation in the mouth along with preventing teeth from the enamel-degrading acids.

  • Dairy product – Dairy products including cheese and milk contribute highly in teeth whitening and London dentists always recommend this. As they are full of calcium, quality of teeth and bones will get enriched.

All other minerals and proteins found prevent erosion and decay of tooth enamel. They do not stain teeth like coffee, tea and so on.

Along with regular cleaning of teeth, one must avoid those food items that cause damage and staining of teeth.

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