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Teeth Whitening – Creating the Secrets Behind the Glamorous Smiles of the Actors

Teeth Whitening - Creating the Secrets Behind the Glamorous Smiles of the Actors
Hollywood stars dazzle not only in their stylish hairstyles, watches and tuxedos but also in their smiles. But that doesn’t mean that all of these stars had these kinds of glowing smile from the very beginning of their lives. It is very evident when their older pictures are checked. The cosmetic dental modifications are mostly responsible for the perfectness and the glowing look that their teeth have. Below are given the details of some of the hottest stars of Hollywood with their history of the changes that occurred in their teeth.

Tom Cruise: The Mischievous Grin

The cocky grin that Tom Cruise has was not the same at the beginning. Along with time, the smile evolved. Unlike the other Hollywood celebrities, Cruise does not show off about his look and what it takes to make the look constant, and thus very few actually know the real story behind his stunning smile.

Sources reveal that Tom has Invisalign for teeth straightening. It is a time taking process, which can extend even up to a year. But eventually the process makes sure that the teeth alignment gets better. Invisalign is generally taken when the problem is fixed at a later age when the childhood braces do not work anymore. At the same time, also it is heard that Cruise undergoes teeth whitening process as well on a daily schedule. Same kind of teeth whitening is available at Camden High Street Dental Practice in London as well.

Bradley Cooper: The Sexiest Man Alive

Bradley Cooper is increasingly becoming a big name in the Hollywood after his appearance in a number of television shows that are quite popular as well as his big screen appearances most of which have been greatly appreciated. His fans note him mostly because of his smile. One cannot but look at his straight and white teeth settings that suits undeniably with his handsome looking facial appearance. The People’s Magazine voted him to be the Sexiest Man Alive.

Many confirm that Cooper has undergone the very popular process of teeth whitening which is commonly called as Zoom. According to some it can also be Rembrandt. In this process, a kind of protective gel is used to the gum areas as well as to the soft tissues of the mouth. After that a kind of Bleaching agents is applied to the teeth and gum. Then with whitening laser the gel is gently rubbed over the teeth. The whole process takes about 30 minutes to one hour to complete. When the treatment is done several time, then the teeth become whiter and shinier.

The Handsome Smile of Zac Effron: 

Zac Effron is the actors as well as the vocal actor in many of the Disney shows. At the very beginning of his career, he had a very noticeable gap in his front teeth. Most probably with the help of the porcelain veneers Zac got rid of the problem. Now, after going through brace treatments for a number of times, Zac has come up with the most eye catchy smiles. Like the teeth whitening London, Zac also goes though whitening.


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