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Solutions for Tooth Sensitivity by the Dental Practices in London

Increasingly, more and more people are now complaining of more of teeth sensitivity issues day by day. Sensitivity related from acidic foods, toothpastes, temperature extremities; the causes are innumerable. Moreover, it does not come alone. Sometimes an unbearable toothache accompanies. This has increased the demands of the dental practices in the city of London. Expert doctors have come to field, who lessen the ailments related to tooth and improvise the oral hygiene of the mouth.

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Easy way to handle tooth sensitivity

  1. Brushing too hard:Using a toothbrush with hard bristles and at the time of brushing, applying too much force on the teeth can be the reasons for tooth sensitivity. There are protective layers in the teeth, which can get removed with time due to hard brushing habit. This will open up the tubules and the canals of the dentine, affecting the dental nerves. As a result, when temperature extremities come in contact of any acid food, they cause a discomfort to the teeth. Using soft bristles and gently brushing are very simple solutions for this.
  2. Intake of Acidic food: In case the dental nerves are exposed to the acidic food items, like sauce, pickles, kiwis, lemons, citric foods, it will cause toothache. Again, a simple solution is to avoid taking too much of these food types.
  3. Bruxism: The grinding of teeth affects the tooth enamel, though it is the hardest part of the human body. This exposes the dentin, pulp and the tooth nerves. Experts at dental practice in London can be of help as they may suggest mouth guards.
  4. Choosing a correct tooth whitening toothpaste: Though the toothpaste manufacturers use chemical compositions that are prescribed and permissible, these components may not suit some people as they may cause tooth sensitivity. Switching of toothpaste can be one solution.
  5. Gum disease: Sometimes, while being on the procedure of tooth straightening, people stay unaware of the gum disease that they may be suffering from. Especially, with age they may start suffering from tooth sensitivity. If someone is suffering from gingivitis, then dentist suggests sealing of teeth along with the tooth straightening.
  6. Too much plaque formation: Plaque is formed due to deposition of food particles on the teeth, and this is a reason why brushing and flossing is required. When there is excessive plaque deposition of the enamel, severe damage is caused on the enamel. The simple solution to this is maintaining proper oral hygiene and frequent visits to the experts in dental practice London.
  7. Some kind of dental treatment:Sensitivity of tooth increases after the visit to a dentist. Especially, this has to be done after root canal treatment or treatment of tooth straightening in Camden. Even after crown placement, the teeth become sensitive. This is cured with time and if it does not, then immediate care, seeking dentist’s help is advisable.
  8. Cracked tooth: Cracked and chipped tooth leads to unbearable toothache. This can be sorted by only seeking dentist help.
  9. Decay surrounding the corners of the fillings: With the development of age, the surroundings of the teeth fillings get weakened and it can get fractured too eventually. There can also be leakage surrounding the edges. This makes the area prone for bacterial attack and breakdown of the enamel. Dentists can replace the fillings.

There is treatment for tooth sensitivity. Easy solutions are there too. The toothpaste available over the pharmaceutical stores can be used for fast recovery. It is to be remembered that the same solutions may not work for every patient suffering with the same problem. However, if the home remedies do not work out and the situation tends to worsen, immediate visit to dentists is required. Dentists may change the toothpaste with fluoride gels firstly. If that does not work out different treatment may be required based on the cause and the problem related to it. The dentists offer solutions, which give immediate relief to unbearable pains and uncomfortably that may worsen otherwise. The most important aspect while visiting a dentist is that you must be aware of the type of your problem as with advancement in dentistry there are specialized dentists for each problem related to tooth.


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