How to Take Proper Initiative for Maintaining the Baby Oral Hygiene

It is true that the primary teeth of the child are dropped down at one point of his life. But that does not mean that one and be ignorant about that. The proper development as well as the placing of the permanent teeth is decided by the baby teeth alignments only. Therefore, it is for sure that the baby teeth hold a great importance in the end. The spaces that are mainly maintained by the primary teeth actually make sure where the permanent teeth will grow up. At the same time there are different issues related to the problems in the baby, teeth can jeopardize the setting of the permanent teeth. To avoid complications in the future days it is important to make sure that the baby teeth are well cared of. Be it the diet or the oral care habits, in every aspect of oral hygiene maintenance is very important. Otherwise, the result can be detrimental in the end.

The time of Baby Teeth Arrival:

At the time when your child is 6 to 7 months of age, the baby teeth emerge on the gum area. Many a times it also happens that the teeth arrives at a very early stage, before birth. The primary teeth are 20 in number. Later when the permanent teeth emerge, they count 32. One after the other the primary teeth are replaced by these permanent teeth. You can be assured that when your child is 3 years old, he or she will have all the primary teeth. Till the age of 6 this primary teeth stays fully. After 6 years one by one the primary teeth begins to fall out. Until 12 – 13 the falling out process continues. When the child reaches their 14th year 28 permanent teeth takes place in the gum area. Later, at the time of adolescence the wisdom teeth also start growing up.

Support and Care at the time of Teething:

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When the primary teeth start emerging, the child starts having oral discomforts. This is the time when they go through pain because of sore gums. There are children who go through this phase without any discomfort or pain while there are many who suffer at this time. Some other side effects can also be noticed at this time. The child looses his apatite as well as becomes restless. Some behavioral traits can also be seen, such as sucking fingers, toys, becoming a bit cranky etc. However, the remedies are there. The dentists in London offer smart solutions. Using a cold wet cloth to suck can help the gum to have some comfort. There are some other chewing things and toys as well that are now out in the market. They are also apt in offering comfort to your child.  Another way of relief is thumb sucking. True it is also that the dentists do not support this practice.

Is Extraction of the Loose Primary Teeth really needed?

It is not at all proper to take out the primary teeth before they are actually ready to fall out. Then that becomes a problem for the permanent teeth as that teeth becomes crooked or badly shaped as the roots at that place is affected. Instead, the child might be offered some hard food items that will be supportive to uproot the loose primary teeth.


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