Dentist in London

8 tips with the help of which your teeth can be maintained

A  dentist can provide you with various ways through which you can have a good oral health.

teeth whitening in London

Some of the major techniques recommended by a dentist are listed as below:

  • Two times brushing of teeth– If you brush your teeth twice a day, then you will be able to keep all kinds of oral diseases far away from you.
  • Toothpaste having Fluoride– A dentist in London says that Fluoride plays a major role in hardening the enamel of the tooth and also lowers the possibility of tooth decay.
  • Thorough Brushing– Tooth brushing which takes more than 3 minutes is very beneficial for the teeth.
  • Flossing of teeth– Gentle and slow flossing of teeth is highly recommended by each and every Dentist in London.
  • Avoiding acidic drinks– The acids present in Fruit juices, cordials and soft drinks, cordials soften the material in the teeth and melts all the minerals. It results in the formation of cavities and holes in the teeth.
  • Avoiding sugary foods– A Dentist in London says Sugary foods gives birth to acids which is very harmful to the mouth and is caused by bacteria.
  • Try to avoid mouth injuries while playing sports.
  • Precautions when a tooth is knocked out– Try to place the knocked tooth in the place where it belonged and try to obtain dental help instantly.
  • Only use your teeth for eating food rather than cracking nuts or opening cans or bottle tops.


  • Frequent dentist check-ups– A London Dentist recommends that regular visits to dentists can lend you a helping hand for avoiding dental issues.

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