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How Non Skilled Teeth Whitening Methods Can Damage Your Teeth?

Fiction or fact: Cost effective and natural method of teeth whitening is using a mixture of strawberry and baking soda. However, according to recent studies, it is determined that the only professional whitening kit is effective and safe.

teeth whitening in London
Compared to professional solutions, the non-professional solution for teeth whitening are less effective. They also have potential to damage your teeth.

The Homemade Teeth Whitener Myth

Some researchers have done a study of the Home-made methods of teeth whiting in order to test whether they are effective or not. They applied the molars of strawberry and baking soda on human molars three times a day for about 10 days following the instructions given by people who have tried it. The result of the method was that there was an improvement on the whitening of teeth based on the color measurement test. The mixture removes superficial debris that resides on the teeth. Further studies also reveal that the citric acid from the strawberry and baking soda mixture reduced the hardness of the teeth for about 10 percent. The method not only whitens the teeth, but also damages them.

teeth whitening in London
The researchers also tested the professionally whiten teeth of three groups of molars. According to them, the kit is effective as well as safe for teeth. They only work for whitening, and there is no damage to the teeth.

Reasons for professional teeth whitening

The American Dental Association’s recommends that you should go for professional whitening over natural methods. Below are three reasons why you should go for professional method:

  1. Effective whitening agents: Carbamide Peroxide and Hydrogen peroxide are chemicals needed for teeth whitening. The professional kits have these two chemicals in it.
  2. Ensures healthy teeth: It is imperative to know whether your teeth are healthy before you opt for whitening them. People who have a dental problem such as exposed root surfaces should not opt for any type of teeth whitening as their teeth will be sensitive to the whitening products. However, still you want to go for whitening then professionals can help you out, but doing Whitening on your own might create a problem.
  3. Evenly whitening: In professional whitening, the dentist will cover the entire tooth’s surface with custom fit tray. One can fill the tray with gel evenly without blotchy whitening. In natural or homemade whitening solution, the strips cannot cover the entire surface that leads to blotchy whitening.

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